Monday, June 6, 2011

Sprouts: attributes and benefits

Sprouting is the process of soaking and then germinating seeds - and the germinated seeds are called Sprouts. As seeds are soaked in water, they absorb water and swell in size and in nutritious content also.

A healthy diet or a balanced is a must for a healthy life and sprouts can help you in making your diet balanced and healthy.

Sprouts are a rich source of proteins and proteins play an important role in keeping our body healthy. Proteins are very important nutrients as they are involved in muscle growth & repair, maintain healthy skin & hair, provide defense against foreign bodies, regulate metabolism, etc.

Sprouts are rich in fiber and a fiber-rich diet keeps your digestive system healthy. If you eat sprouts regularly, you also stay away from the risk of constipation.

Sprouts are very low in calories, therefore when you eat sprouts; your calorie intake is reduced drastically. In this age, a large swath of population is over-weight, and everyone wants to remain fit and in shape. Reducing calorie intake certainly helps in maintaining weight.

Sprouts help in maintaining acid/alkaline balance of the body as they have an alkalizing effect on the body. Most of the food that we eat & various other factors, tend to make your body acidic. By eating sprouts regularly, you can maintain the acid/alkaline balance.

Most of the raw vegetables that you eat are generally subjected to chemicals, not only for production, but even for storage and transportation. As sprouts are grown at home, are not subjected to any chemical treatments.

Sprouts are highly nutritious, economical, and environmental friendly.

Brian Yusem, a Health Science & Fitness Guru, who has worked with various athletes, dancers and actors, strongly recommends sprouts.

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